Frequently asked questions

Do you have deposit or sign fee?

We have a deposit after 14 working days deposit becomes non-refundable. Within the 14 days of siging you are eligable for full refund minus any of the work that has been carried out in the mean time by the company or any of its partners.

How much is your architecture sign fee?

Our design phase sign fee is £300 plus VAT, this fee is paid before the start of the architecture services..

How much is your construction fee?

Our construction phase sign fee is £1000 plus VAT, this fee is paid before the start of the construction services..

Who is Lccl Construction?

Lccl Construction is architecture services and construction services company located in Hathaway House, Popes Drive, Finchley, London N3 1QF United Kingdom. Registered company in England and Wales: Registered Company Name: Loft Conversion Company London Limited Company Number: 11713461 Design Phase - from architectural design, planning, building regulation approvals, surveying, party wall agreements, interior design, structural engineering, administration and project management. We do all the consultation work to get your loft conversion or house extension approved and legal, ready for the construction phase. Build Phase - we do the construction - we build your loft conversion or house extension, you supply completed design, planning approvals, party wall agreement and approved building regulations. Our architecture services are national throughout United Kingdom with over 1200 approved planning permissions we know a thing or two about loft conversions and house extensions. Our design and build services, construction services are regional with covererage of South East England Inlcuding London, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Greater London and Kent.

Is loft conversion practical?

Loft Conversions usullay fall into two cattegories. Either property is crying out to be converted, and will be easy to do or its a job that will be very difficoult to accomplish, with awkward floor and stair layouts and minimal headroom. You should consider the following:

  • Headroom
  • Is it open plan on ground floor (the fire regulations can cause your loft extension to be expancive in order to meet fire regulation criteria, it is worth talking to building control before architects are employed)
  • Consider what you want extra space for? Majority of the Loft Conversions are used as bedrooms, very often with a new ensuite shower room or WC.
  • Lofts can also provide flexible accomodation small offices, the games rooms or home cinemas
  • However children may not be suitable to hang out in the loft by them selfs due to natrual curiosity of roof windows or older people who have problem climbing steep stairs.
  • Home gyms are not recommended to be in the loft they are best suited on the ground floor and garage conversions where most of heavy and noisy activities should be.

Thinking of adding 3 meter out extension to rear?

Development is permited for extensions that are up to 3 meters, it is mandatory that you still do the appropriate drawings and have building control involved as well as you party wall notices in place.

Thinking of converting my loft, what is the minimum headroom for my loft conversion?

While there are no height regulations a minimum 2.3meters will be required from top of ceiling joists to below of the ridge beam of your roof and 2 meters is required over the flight of stairs.

Will I get my money back on loft conversion?

Loft conversions generally are citied by leading mortgage lenders as the best way to increase property value. Estate agents routinely define residential property in terms of number of extra bedrooms.

Is loft conversion neighbourly?

At an early stage it pays to consider what effect your proposed building work is likley to have on your neighbours. Even is the Loft Conversion itself is not a problem, the inevitable noise, mess and deliveries of building materials at all hours of the day surley will be. Involving neighbours in your plans at an early stage not only helps prepare them for inconveniences to come but will help sweeten things up a little as co-operation may be needed in the future.

Can I afford my loft conversion?

The total costs of your Loft Conversion project should be fairly predictable. If you want to get a rough estimate of your project please use our instant quote calculator

Loft Conversion project Management

Every succesful outcome comes from planning ahead and applying common sense to problems as they rarise, which isn't always as easy as it sounds. Any decent firm of contractors will be aiming to achieve a successful completion within agreed timescale. You will have to trust your contractors and hand over to them the responsability of your project. Contractors should always work from outside first on Loft Conversions. If you require Project Management services from Lccl Construction book a free consultation


Essential maintenance, improvements, conversions and extensions are all chraged at the full rate. The new house build from scratch the VAT will be exempt. We accept cash, transfer or card payments.

Is my loft conversion legal?

It is always good to keep one step ahead of lawyers, by spotting any legal nasties before they jump out and bite you. For Example: Is your house a terrace or semi? the party walls will be jointly owned with the neighbours. it is very common for loft conversions to require new structural beams to be inserted into party walls. so before letting rip with the SDS Drills it is very essential to follow the rules set out in Party Wall Act. Altering your home may be legally prohibited by restrictive covenant. These are conditions sometimes written into the deeds of the property. Their intention is to prevent residents lowering the tone of the area. Restrictive covenants to Council houses sold under Right to Buy rules. Houses and bungalows that are flats and maisonettes that are leasehold you will not be able to usually be permitted to make structural alterations. Mortgage lenders like to know in advance of any significant alterartions Check your buildings insurance does it cover major work done on the property

Six key loft conversion questions?

Is there enough headroom? What type of roof is it? Are the internal walls taking any loadbearing? Where will the new stairs go? Is there an entrance hall? Are there tanks and pipes that need to be relocated? At Lccl Construction we offer design and build option, book consultation call

What is the point of my home extension?

House extensions are a great asset to compliment your current house. For example:

  • More space: end of every year battle of cooking Xmas dinners draws in, there is inevitable realisation in many households that the kitchen is just too small. But also our lifestyles change babies arriving, oldies needing a granny annexe or just need extra space.
  • Greater Comfort: why not more space is always welcome whether you want to increase the value of the property or just have your piano by the new bi-fold doors, at current economy building home extension is cheaper than moving.
  • Most common reasons for extending are to create larger kitchen or add new bathroom.

Will i Get money back on my home extension project?

Do not always assume that you will make loads of money by adding home extension. Having poorly designed and badly built your home extension could seriously damage its resale value. There is a process that has to be followed without short cuts. In most cases you will increase your property value it is dependant on ecconomy, demand, popularity at that time.

Is my home extension neighbour friendly?

Neighbours are your most important asset when building home extension. By keeping your neighbours well informed from the start and listen to their concerns it will pay off on the end.

Can I afford my home extension?

There are many factors that can contribute to your project. structural alterations, dept of the foundations or type of finishing products used. Find out costs use our online instant quote

How long does it take to build Loft Conversion?

Typical construction of the loft conversion takes between 4 to 9 weeks depending of the size and spec.

Can all lofts be converted?

No, some lofts would not be practical or have enough height. Durring your consultation we will advise if possible.

Do I need building plans for my loft conversion?

Yes. If your conversion is for habitable accommodation it needs to be planned professionally to ensure that it conforms to building regulations.

Do I need planning permission for my loft conversion?

Planning permission is generally required if you have a flat or live in a conservation area. If this does not apply to you then we can obtain a ‘Certificate of Lawfulness’ (COL) from your local council. We will advise you of this during your consultation.

Will you arrange for the instllation of plumbing and electrics?

Yes. Your quote includes the extension of the existing central heating system into the new loft area unless you opt for a ‘first fix’ package. If you require a replacement boiler, ‘Megaflow’, new tanks, pumps etc. to be installed, we will arrange for a separate quote for you, which will be carried out by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer.

How long is the quote valid for?

All of our quotes including design pahses or constructions phases are valid for 30 days.

Can you renovate internally?

Yes we do the internal renovations too.

I only need construction can you build only?

Yes we can only carry out construction phase send email to with your plans.

How long design phase will take to complete?

This takes 3 to 4 months.. Due to the elements involved like Architecture, planning, building control, party wall agremements, structural drawings and other surveys. It is a process and there are many elelements involved but the good thing is we will do everything for you.

Architecture drawing policy

Lccl Construction owns the copyright to all the architecture drawings and they are subject to copyright. The drawings that are released to customers are in PDF format only for the sole use of the property the drawings that have been produced for. The DWG format drawings are not released and they are owned by Lccl Construction. The PDF drawings have one licence to the owner of the property.

Payment terms

Payments are set out in stages therefore both parties can breakaway and terminate services given the stages set out in quote are completed and paid for, however if there is an outstanding balances the company reserves the right to stop the work until balances are fully cleared at which point the client and the company will have a discussion whether to continue or stop the work. Company will not be required to continue the work as well as the customer would not be required to continue the work.