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Lccl Construction new build scheme

We are a one stop architecture, survey and construction company for your new build home project, We have all in house solutions to build a brand new home for you. 

Our services from design phase to construction phase will ensure that your new home is build successfully. We have partnered up with Local Authority Building Control to deliver quality home architecture design and construction services.

The warranty of your new build depends on the scheme you would like to choose one is from NHBC and other from LABC both warranties between 10 or 12 years, this means that your new build is under a warranty and you can sit back and relax.. 

We are registered members of National Federation of Builders and Housing Builder Association member number: CO11977

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New home builder London, United Kingdom

Design and construction phase

Lccl construction design and construction phase

Our design phase for new build solution breakdown: 

  • Building measured survey

  • Architecture services

  • Design and access statement

  • Planning application

  • Building control application

  • Party wall agreements 

  • Structural engineers calculations and design

  • Project management

  • Interiors

  • Principal designer

  • Town and planning

  • Feasibility studies

Our construction phase for new build schemes:

  • Construction of new build

  • Project management, construction management

  • Logistical supply and coordination

  • Quality control

  • Liaison with building control and inspection

  • Quality trade

  • Guarantee

  • Setting out 

  • Surveying

Architecture for new build home scheme

Project management 

Lccl Construction project management for new build

Our project management services focus around design and construction of loft conversions, home extensions, renovations and new builds. 

Our project management services have been in development for over 14 years and we have built and established a solid reputation for design and build services.

Lccl construction project management services for your loft conversion, home extension, renovations or new build project. Our construction management guides you through the process of design, planning and construction.

Construction process by lccl constructio

Construction process

Our construction process

This is where we would carry out the construction of your loft conversion, home extension or new build.

We look at the different ways we carry out our construction project, the stages for the project and what they look like while in progress of construction. 

The main projects we do are:

  • Loft conversions

  • Home extensions

  • Renovations

  • New builds

Our house builders solutions are for private landlords/homeowners and developers, we take on projects from £30k upwards. Our capabilities enable us to build anything requested by the customer. Book a free consultation call today and see how we can help you.

Our locations where we build new build homes

London, United Kingdom, house builders

North London, London house builders

Barnet, London house builders

Enfield, London house builders

Hampstead, London house builders

St Albans, Hertfordshire house builders

Surrey, United Kingdom house builders

Essex, United Kingdom house builders

United Kingdom house builders

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom house builders

West London, London house builders

South London, London house builders

East London, London house builders

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom house builders

Oxford, United Kingdom house builders

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New permitted development rights and type of upward extension on homes that are possible in England

You can add additional two storeys to houses in England without needing planning permission.

Book free consultation call to find out what is possible and how we can help.

Learn about the new permitted development rights that allow

upward extensions on existing homes. Your house can't be in protected area, and it has to have been built between July 1948 and 2018.

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