Construction services process

Construction services process by Lccl Construction

This is where we would carry out the construction of your loft conversion, home extension or new build.

We look at the different ways we carry out our construction project, the stages for the project and what they look like while in progress of construction. 

The main projects we do are:

  • Loft conversions

  • Home extensions

  • Renovations

  • New builds

The construction of any house or structure can be split into three stages: 

  1. Pre construction

  2. Construction

  3. Post construction

To begin with construction phase you need to complete our design phase as without the design phase the construction phase can not begin. Please refer to our starting point in the process if you have not completed the design phase as of yet. Starting point link: Consultation call >

As follows we will talk about our construction process for home extension, loft conversion, renovation and new build project. To start of with we take a look at home extension stages process. Home extensions and new build projects would have very similar process the difference is that new build projects don't have any load bearing walls to demolish or support or adjust existing services in the house and outside the house so it is easier to build a new build home and home extension is more complex to build.

Home extension and new build construction process

Setting out

Setting out for the home extension

One of the most critical stages of the build is setting out the foundations, if these are not perfect the building that sits on top of these may not be the right size, in line with existing house or be unsafe. On larger projects a surveyor will set out the the site.


Dig and pouring of the foundations

Pouring of concrete into trench foundations 

When the site setting out is completed and fully marked out, the excavation can begin. A digger would dig out a trench usually 1.4 meters deep(depending on specification in your structural drawings) and concrete is poured into the trench 

Note: Building inspector has to approve the excavation before pouring the concrete.

Building blockwork up to DPC level

Forming a solid base for superstructures

After the concrete has been poured, depending on the grade of concrete, concrete would require curing time, it is recommended to have concrete cure for at least 28 days before commencing any further work. 

After curing of the concrete, block wall is built up to the damp proof course DPC, this is a layer of a plastic material that stops water rising up through brickwork.

Note: Reaching this stage a building inspector would want to see the work before continuing with the work.


Walls and scaffolding

Construction of superstructures and temp services

The walls can now be built and scaffolding will need to be erected in order for bricklayers to be able to work safely and effectively

Open plan formations and removals of existing structures

Carrier walls installations and restructuring 

Open plan formations and restructuring of the existing building in order to create open plan living areas, this is a critical part of the build where you would connect the existing with new and for an open plan living space.


Waterproofing of the home extension or the new build home

Adding a roof on top of the house

Once you have the windows installed and the roof completed the house is than sealed and watertight. This means that the work can begin internally and various trades can start the work from inside the house. At this point the progress speeds up of the overall build.

Note building control inspector will be required to check the work.

First and Second Fix

Carpentry, electrical and plumbing

Soon the building is waterproof and sealed the internal work will begin, starting with electricals fisr fixes and piping done by plumbers, carpentry work such as stud walls, and room formations or staircases, door installations, after walls are plastered plumbers, electricians and carpenters would come back to finish off the and complete the work .

Note: building control inspectors would want to verify the work before plasterboarding, they need to check all the insulation and structures, this would need to be signed off.

First and second fix.jpeg
Paint and decorate.jpeg

Paint and decorate

Painting and decorating of the project

Painters and decorators are normally one of the last trades to come into the house, it take few days to paint the house.


Carpentry, electrical and plumbing

There should be snagging period this normally is 2 or so months, so client has a chance to find problems that are not evident right away, such as light fitting that does not work or door that is not even,

Note: building inspectors would need to sign off the work meaning they would require gas certificate, electrical certificate and any other relevant certificate in order to finalise the build and sign off.


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